A-RU Japanese Restaurant

A-RU Japanese Restaurant,
About A-RU Japanese Restaurant - "We offer the most fresh fish in central California while making sure that all of our staff are customer oriented, providing the best service and food."

My favorite lunch here is the Crazy Boy Tempura Roll! Absolutely delicious! Fried, stuffed with crab and spicy Jalapeño and the sauces are sooooo good. The Bento Box lunches are generous and tasty too if you want more variety. They also serve a few Korean dishes like a Bulgogi bowl. If you order this ask for a side of Kimchi. It's homemade and much better than any store bought kimchi I've tried.

Crazy Boy Tempura Roll - Filled with Crab and Jalapeño served with Mayo and eel sauce. Served with fresh ginger and wasabi.

A-RU Japanese Restaurant is located at 225 McMurray Rd in Buellton (directions) and offers the most fresh fish in central California. The staff is friendly and is an excellent choice for lunch or dinner. For more information check out their FaceBook page.
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